Our Collective Story

Parity operates from the fundamental belief that we can develop equitably.

Parity was launched by founder Bree Jones, after her hometown began to undergo the "master planned" development of 2,000 luxury rental apartments in a historically black & brown low to moderate income neighborhood. Bree fought for 6 years as a community organizer, calling on the developer and elected officials to include equitable practices in the project like affordable units at deeper levels of affordability, local hire prioritizing returning citizens, and living wages. For many years, the demands of the community fell on deaf ears.

Bree realized that the real estate development industry is broken, and results in the further disinvestment of marginalized groups.

Our Origins

The Problem/The Opportunity

1. Traditional real estate is extractive

2. Most housing developers focus on rentals

3. Missed opportunities in the most valuable neighborhoods


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