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Parity is an equitable development company

proudly headquartered in West Baltimore that acquires and rehabilitates abandoned properties by the block to create affordable home ownership opportunities. We started Parity as a response to the gentrification and displacement we experienced in our hometown.

Now we're working to do development without displacement, and create ownership in the process.

Our Principles

Historical Lens

Understanding the wealth and housing disparity through the lens of historical housing and economic discrimination

Anti Displacement

Protecting and enriching the wellbeing of existing residents in developing neighborhoods

Home Ownership

Strengthening the roots of the neighborhood by creating opportunities for wealth generation and ownership

Our Hood

Parity is launching in one of Baltimore's most culturally rich and historic African American neighborhoods. The community was economically diverse, where working class folks lived alongside skilled professionals like doctors and lawyers. Churches and businesses were abundant and thriving. The neighborhood was designed featuring some of the most expansive and generous parks and greenspace in the entire city. 

The community flourished for decades until the early 1940's when a combination of redlining, housing segregation, discrimination in employment, "urban renewal", the disappearance of blue collar jobs, and the drug epidemic hit Black communities across the nation. 


This is why one of our main principles is to do the work through a historic lens. We see past the boarded up buildings. We see a neighborhood rich with history that has suffered from systemic inequities. And we know that collectively we can restore our neighborhoods to what they once were.

Old West Baltimore

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Reimagining space for us.

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